la vejez de las paredes una negra sonrisa de alegría un rincón apacible un modo diferente de conspirar de conocer la vida un poco envenenada

about the project

A dance in another space, relating to the memory of others, channeling the presence of someone else.

A proactive engagement with History is a political choice. Argentinians have been forced to learn that building history daily means also revisiting the past. They call it memory. They talk about not allowing for certain things to be repeated. They say: Nunca más (never again).

Excercising of memory, an actualization of history. Bodies that become space that exercises memory. Bodies that construct history.

complete concept description (english)

‘Mexico desaparece’ is the working title for the new choreography by Pablo Fontdevila (AR/NL), in collaboration with Mexican independent dance group Chicken Democracy.

in a 4 weeks residency in Mexico D.F., choreographer Pablo Fontdevila will create a new piece that will become part of the repertoire of Chicken Democracy, to be performed later on in the group’s presentations.

the concept for the choreography is drawn from the project ‘Disappear2009’, in which Pablo Fontdevila engages with the same starting point in multiple creative processes, in different contexts, and with different collaborators.

other instances of the project:

* ‘half of the piece about disappearing’: created in collaboration with William Collins, under the frame of the SNDO graduation festival 2009. performed in Melkweg theater, Amsterdam, and Sophiensaele, Berlin. April-July 2009.

* ‘Tucumán desaparece’: 2 weeks workshop/laboratory to introduce the concept and methodology of the project to the Contemporary Dance Group of the Province of Tucumán, Argentina. November-December 2009.

* ‘DWA verdwijnt’: 4 weeks residency in Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, with a public research presentation. November 2010.


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